Automation between sheets

I am having an issue with an automation. After an approval request gets approved, it records a date on one sheet, whose information is linked by a formula to another (main) sheet where there is an automation that if the cells in that linked column are a date, then it triggers a check in a check column (Active).

The automation works when I take out the formula linking it to the other sheet and have just a pure date.

I tried a work around where I created an additional check box column to verify if the value in the linked column is a date, and then if that checked column is checked, to check the (Active) column. When the linked column produces a date value, it does in fact check the supplement column, but not the (active) one I want. When I take out the formula and the link, it works great. What am I missing? How can I get the automation to work on the (Active) column based on the formula triggered by the automation for the approval request that produces the date?

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