Trying to use Averageif for 2 criteria with Collect


Hello all!

I am trying to find the average of a helper column, but it has to match a (1) certain date and (2) priority. here is what I am using, and it returns #Incorrect Argument.

=AVERAGEIF(COLLECT({UpKeep Q3 - All Overdue}, {UpKeep Q3 - Due}, $Date@row, {UpKeep Q3 - Priority}, "HIGH"))

Notes: UpKeep Q3 is the raw data sheet/helper column. $Date@row is the date I want to match the due date to (yes both are in date format!)

"All Overdue" is the helper column I would like to average (it's the addition of 2 other helper columns). Priority matches case of the raw data, I have tried both typing it in and linking a cell within the sheet with the same word. Any help would be appreciated! Can include screenshots if needed.


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