CountIFs referencing multiple columns, one of which is multi-select

Jessica Z
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I am trying to do COUNTIFS with multiple criteria/columns, referencing another sheet.

Essentially, I need a Count of if the items meet the following criteria:

Were created in X Month (text column)

Were created in X Year (text column)

AND a multi-select column contains "North America"

I have my formula partially down, but it is only counting rows that ONLY contain North America in the {Cielo RPA Client Catalog - Region} column. I need it to include rows that might contain "North America" and other regions as well.

I tried adding in CONTAINS and HAS functions, but I am struggling getting those to work without either #UNPARSEABLE or #INCORRECT DATA SET issues.

Here is the formula that I have currently:

=COUNTIFS({RPA Client Catalog Month}, "January", {RPA Client Catalog - Year Bot WL}, "2023", {RPA Client Catalog - Region}, "North America")

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