How to reflect the patient load correctly for a provider in the report.

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    @Ken Armstrong Hi Ken, Hope you are doing great. I have a question connected to my old question. Your formula is working perfectly, but now the requirement changed, and I'm not sure how to solve it.

    The scenario is We have providers who visit patients living at different facilities. Some patients pay extra to be seen twice a week, and one provider will visit the same Patient twice a week. This is where your formula helped.

    If you see my screenshot posted above, you helped me calculate how many patients are seen by a provider and what is the total number of times a provider is visiting them.

    I pulled this info by using a report (please see the screenshot below), and now the business needs changed.

    Now as our patient population is growing, one provider may not be able to see the patient twice a week; we may have to use a different provider to see the patient the second time.

    How to reflect the patient load correctly for a provider in the report.

    I'm thinking of keeping one Provider as the Primary DCA and adding a second column as an Add-On DCA. Can you suggest a solution please.

    I added two screenshots. first is the patient and the provider(DCAs) tracker, and the second is the report.

  • Ken Armstrong
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    @Dheeraj.c16 I think you are on the right path. I would add another column or two to capture the additional DCA's. Utilizing reports with summaries is great for tracking the work load if you don't have resource management add on.

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