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Is it possible to merge the data in 2 or more rows in a grid sheet together?

Case: At our production facility, once a shift (12hr) we have forms that operational staff fill out that gathers all the information required for that shift into the same sheet. We then run reports with filters etc. to extract the information for a given date etc. And have a dashboard to visualize the reports.

What we would also like to see in sheet, is for all the information from one shift be on the same row. Currently each form entry creates a separate row and with multiple forms this also means multiple rows for each shift.

I've been thinking about the blank cells, because each form captures its own set limited of data but puts it on the same sheet there are multiple empty cells where there is no data. Is there a way to manipulate or formulate the sheet to fill in the blanks with the filled cells below it in the sheet.

The example shown below shows the 4 rows and the first couple of columns that have come in from the 4 different forms during that shift. as you can see some of the Rows/form entries have blank fields that weren't required in the form and so the row has been added with blanks.

Can I perhaps use the date and 'day or night' columns in a formula to move cells to a single row for that shift?

Hopefully this all makes sense to those who know what they're doing unlike me.


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    Hey @garth.reynolds

    I would recommend using Dynamic View if you have access to it.

    You can set the row to be edited (you can choose which columns and by who) so then all the information will be captured in the same row.

    Hope that helps, if you need anymore help let me know.

    Itai Perez

    Project Manager | Transformation Department

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