checkbox used to trigger an action.

I am working on a budget sheet that I am using to estimate costs for construction projects. I obtain two bids for each trade or task. I have Column 3 named "SUB 1". Column 4 is named "bid 1" which is the price the subcontractor bid the work for. column 5 is a checkbox. Column 6 is named "sub 2". Column 7 is named "Bid 2" which, as above, is the price the subcontractor bid for the work. Column 8 is another checkbox. Column 9 is named "sub total".

I would like to use the checkbox feature as a trigger to make the lower price bid appear in Column 9 "sub total". In other works, if Sub 1 bid $10,000 and Sub 2 bid $12,000, I would click the checkbox nex to sub 1 and the $10,000 amount would appear in the subtotal column.

Is this possible?


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