Multiple checkboxes in a cell

Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to have a cell that has multiple action items listed in it and beside each action item is a checkbox? That is, what we would like to happen is to be able to individually monitor the completion of each action item associated with a specific issue for example and that issue would show as "complete" only if all the checkboxes for the action item cell are checked.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!


  • Would it be possible to have child rows for each action and nest them together with hierarchy? In that case, you could use a parent formula like this: IF(COUNT(CHILDREN()) = COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), 1), 1, 0)

    Otherwise, I would recommend parsing out each action item and checkbox as a pair of columnw, which gets messy quicky.

  • Thank you. I thought about that option it just would look quite different from the spreadsheet we have been using and wanting to convert into smartsheet.

    Can you elaborate on the other option of parsing out each action item? I'm not sure I understand how that would look like. Thanks again!

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