IF Statement Question


I am trying to get a formula to multiply [Sale Amount] by 12 if ERP is not JD Edwards, Microsoft AX, or Microsoft D365 OnPrem; otherwise, leave it blank...

I have tried the following formulas (with their corresponding error messages).

Is there an alternate formula I can use?


=IF(OR(ISINSET([ERP]@row, "JD Edwards", "Microsoft AX", "Microsoft D365 OnPrem")), "", [Sale Amount]@row * 12) -> #UNPARSEABLE


=IFERROR(IF(([Sale Amount]@row * 12), ERP@row, <>"JD Edwards", ERP@row, <>"Microsoft AX", ERP@row, <>"Microsoft D365 OnPrem"), "") -> #INCORRECT ARGUMENT


  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @amy.cooper This should work for you. IF ERP is one of the 3 variables, then blank. If it is not one of the three then take the Sales Amount *12.

    =IF(OR(ERP@row = "JD Edwards", ERP@row = "Microsoft AX", ERP@row = "Microsoft D365 OnPrem"), "", [Sale Amount]@row * 12)

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