Add a formula column to multiple sheets efficiently

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I have a workspace with approx 1000 sheets in it - they are all based on the same template. Sometimes a user wants a new data/formula column adding to the template. I would like to know how i could then add this new column (and its formula if applicable) to all 1000 sheets in the workspace (without manually doing it one at a time).

The specific use case is adding a date helper column to every sheet that contains the column formula:

=YEAR([Delivery Completion]@row) + "/" + IF(MONTH([Delivery Completion]@row) < 10, "0" + MONTH([Delivery Completion]@row), MONTH([Delivery Completion]@row))

By having this new column in every sheet I can then use it in the master report that summarises data from the 1000 sheets - enabling me to group the report by this date helper column (ie Delivery Completion Year/Month).

(If there is an easier way to group the report by the year and month of a date column please tell me?! I searched for ways of adding a formula column to the report - but seems you must have the column in every sheet underlying the report)


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