Do you know if you can add a custom code in values (pink rectangle) - Bridge Workflow?


Do you know if you can add a custom code in values (pink rectangle) in this Bridge workflow that is updating a SharePoint list any time changes are being made in the relevant Smartsheet Table?

Basically this workflow is working as expected with one issue: for every empty cell, the workflow will update SharePoint with the code instead of leaving it blank. So for example if Area is changing but Department is blank then when the SharePoint list gets updated, the Area will update with the expected value but the Department will be updated with "{{states.startstate.smartsheet.get_row.row.cells.Department.value}}" which is not what I want to see. I would like Department to stay blank otherwise the SharePoint list becomes very messy.

I was thinking I could make it so anything in Smartsheet that is blank is actually replaced with a word like "blank" or "null" and that will solve my issue but I would love to just have it actually blank if possible.

Do you know if you can customise that in Bridge?

Thanks for any help or tips you can give.


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  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hey @AndreeaC

    At the end of each value code but within the double curly brackets, insert two 'pipes' (the upper case on the key of the backhand slash). I enter this on all my values to prevent exactly what you are describing from occurring. You can see the two vertical lines just inside the ending double bracket curlies of a workflow I made just yesterday.

    {{states.Get Row.date_time.format.formatted||}}

    If your keyboard is a US qwerty layout, it might look like this:

    Does this solve your problem?