How can I calculate lunch breaks in minutes?

We don't have a set timeframe for lunch and it varies every day. Can I set a a formula to calcuate lunch times?


  • @Nia

    It sounds like you are wanting to calculate the length of time (in minutes) you are taking for lunch, is that correct?

    I created a sheet that required dates and times to be calculated to get the duration.

    This is the formula I used.

    =((VALUE(LEFT([End Time]@row, FIND(":", [End Time]@row) - 1)) + VALUE(RIGHT([End Time]@row, 2)) / 60) + ([End Date]@row - [Start Date]@row) * 24) - (VALUE(LEFT([Start Time]@row, FIND(":", [Start Time]@row) - 1)) + VALUE(RIGHT([Start Time]@row, 2)) / 60)

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