Multiple Conditions

I need to automatically change the values in a Date field to "N/A" whenever BOTH of these criteria are met:

column A = "SOW"

Column B is greater than "$200,000.00"

Can you please help?


  • Alpha Chucky
    Alpha Chucky ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Carlos! I love if statement questions, Let's try this:

    Assuming you want to change the value in Column3 (which has date values) based on the conditions you provided for Primary Column and Column2:

    • Click on the first cell of Column C where you want the formula to be applied.
    • Insert the following formula: =IF(AND([Primary Column]@row = "SOW", [Column2]@row > 200000), "N/A")
    • Now, whenever [Primary Column] has the value "SOW" and [Column2] has a value greater than 200000.00, the corresponding cell in Column C will display "N/A". Otherwise, it will display its original date value.
    • The fun begins with how do you handle below <200,000. I made the assumption that you wanted today's date. so now we just need to add an addtion "If(And" statement, and it looks like this: =IF(AND([Primary Column]@row = "SOW", [Column2]@row > 200000), "N/A", IF(AND([Primary Column]@row = "SOW", [Column2]@row < 2000000), TODAY()))

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