Join collect based on date range

I have a helper column which works and collects expenses for events:

=JOIN(COLLECT({activityname}, {name}, [Full Name]@row), CHAR(10))


CANS - AAN 2023 Advanced Method Conference - Registration - 09/13/23 - $226

NAHQ - National Assn for Healthcare Quality - Membership Renewal - 07/19/23 - $235

NONPF 2023 Fall Conference - Lodging - 11/02/23 - $427.14

I need to enhance this with a date range, so it only shows events after a specific date and onward. I am having issues with getting it to work:

=JOIN(COLLECT({activityname}, {name}, [Full Name]@row, {expensedate}, >=[Expense Date]$1), CHAR(10))


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