SUMIF hours worked week by week, if a project is being worked on in that week.


Hi y'all. I have a project tracker I have built. We are looking to sumif a column if that project is being worked on in that week. Project rows have a date and end date and hours per week worked on. The issue I am running into is when a project has a 1 day phase or when a project has a start date/end date that falls outside of that 1 week parameter.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @MauroV

    What I would personally do in this instance is set up one specific Metric Sheet for my SUM formula.

    If your hours-per-day is not a set time (e.g. 8 hours), then first, set up a helper column in the main, project sheet that breaks out the total hours by the workdays listed.

    For example:

    =Hours@row / NETWORKDAYS(Date@row, End@row)

    Once you have this broken out per-day, then you can set up the Metric Sheet. I would have three columns:

    • Date column, with each individual day listed
    • Text/Number Formula column to bring back the number of hours on a daily basis
    • Text/Number (Primary?) Week Number column to get the week number from the dates

    This way you can use a Grouped Report looking at the Week Number column to automatically SUM your values on a weekly basis... or you could add a fourth column to do that instead.

    For example, this could be the Weeknumber formula to help you Group data:

    ="Week - " + WEEKNUMBER(Date@row)

    And this would be the formula to help you SUM values from your Daily Hours column:

    =SUMIFS({Hours Column}, {Start Date Column}, @cell <= Date@row, {End Date Column}, @cell >= Date@row)



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