What would be the best trigger for a one week out automation?


I am trying to have a sheet where all of my new hires will go if they are one week away from their 90-day training end date. I currently have a sheet that houses all of my new hires that are within their 90 days of training, and I am wanting those that are a week out to be automatically transferred as a copied row to another sheet ex. " Upcoming 90 Day New Hire Grads" where I can then have these rows separated from the previous list.

I currently have a conditional format that highlights the entire row green if they are 7 days out which I tried to use as a trigger but found no luck. I also tried to create another column "Week till Graduation" to maybe have a T/F trigger based on the 7 day to then act as a trigger but I am not sure of the formula for that feature.

My next idea would be to have that " Upcoming 90 Day New Hire Grads" send out an automated email which will notify my team of who is approaching this date so they can schedule their meetings with them accordingly. I would then like for these rows to fall off after the meetings have happened.

I will attach screenshots of what I have and any tips or tricks to make this process as smooth as possible would be greatly appreciated!!


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