Copying a formula in a cell from one sheet to another

Erin Smith
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Hi all -

We are working on creating some task integrations and one of the items we are working on is when individual team members have special custom tasks for clients that deviate from our standards. We have one master sheet that populates through workato integrations with NetSuite pulling in key project data through automations that sync with our ERP then through SS automation it pushes to each user's personal task sheet based on the user being assigned to that row to populate on their own sheet. This is great for 80% of our use cases as most customers and tasks are aligned and consistent, but we have the 20% that have a bit of deviation that the team may create their own client specific task list for.

I'm planning on having a seperate sheet that is unique to this customer templates that they build those templates from for tasks and then trigger a worfklow automation to bring into their master sheet when needed. I created a Task Due date formula in the customer specific sheet as a template that populates the due date based on a formula from a lead/lag column that is + or - many days before or after the task depending on the nature of the task (Formula currently is: =[Project End Date]@row + [Lead/Lag Time]@row).

I have a worfklow set up in that customer template for that when the user checks the trigger to master sheet box, it pulls over to their master and copies the row. The formula for the task due date is not pulling over unless i put a ' before the formula and then it seems i still have to remove teh ' each row, which I'm trying to avoid the extra work.

Any tips on how to make this pull through or an alternative approach? Thanks in advance as I appreciate your insights!


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