Need a checkbox checked if two items are true / Code not working

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looking at an item on line that will give me access to everything that is past due or due within the next two weeks on a project schedule. We built a report but it does not give the parent task associated with the child task. I googled and got something similar to what I need but not quite there.

Here is what I need:

I need a check mark to be set in a checkbox if the following is met:

Where the Parent = Yes (have a Parent task column), Status not equal to Complete, start date in the past and due date in the future and that has a Parent Task = No, status not equal to Complete and a due date either in the past or in the next 14 days.

Here is my code that is not working:

=IF(([Parent Task]@row, = "Yes", Status@row, != "Complete", [Start Date]@row, < TODAY(), [Due Date]@row, > TODAY()), 1, 0), IF(AND([Parent Task]@row, = "No", Status@row, != "Complete", [Due Date]@row, < TODAY() OR [Due Date]@row, = TODAY(14)), 1, 0))

Not sure what I am doing wrong here, any assistance would be great :o)


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