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Hello Smartsheets Community,

I have created an automated workflow to go out to outside retailers that have submitted a new customer setup form to our company. If this customer is approved, we attach the necessary documents they need to start selling the program. Is there a way to only show the attachments and not the link to the setup sheet? We don't want our customers to have visibility to all customers on this sheet.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Anthony DAmbrosio

    Two things here:

    1 - If you need to display any fields of the sheet in your email (such as the Attachment field) then no, there isn't a way to remove the sheet link.

    However! Although the link is displayed in the email, if anyone clicks that link they still need to be shared to the sheet to see any data. If the person clicking the link is not shared, they'll be blocked from accessing the sheet.

    2 - Attachments are only included in alerts if they're the trigger for the workflow. I just want to double check and ensure that's how you have the process set up, otherwise they won't appear.

    See: Selecting what’s included in an alert or request 



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