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I have two formuals I need help with.

  1. Can we get a formula if the status is sold but the "Closed to Builder" is not checked??


2. Formula that would calculate how many cells have nothing in the "Status" column?

Please and thank you!


  • John C Murray
    John C Murray ✭✭✭✭

    Hi tmartin

    For formula 1 you can use an AND function. By checking for [Closed to Builder] not containing "Yes" it will include both "No" values and blank cells. If you want to include just "No" values then change <>"Yes" to ="No"

    =IF( AND( [Status]@row="SOLD", [Closed to Builder]@row<>"Yes"), <do something>, <so domething else>)

    For formula 2 you can use a formula like this in two ways:

    This formula is entered in a cell in the same sheet as the Status column (I'm using Property as the key value in this example):

    =COUNTIFS(Property:Property, >"", Status:Status, "")

    and this one is used if you are referencing the sheet from another sheet. {Property} and {Status} are external references to those columns:

    =COUNTIFS({Property}, <>"", {Status}, "")

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