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I'm struggling to rid of my #INVALID DATA TYPE error in my function. I understand that the error means the function is trying to act on a data type that is incompatible with some part of the function. However, I have thoroughly looked through the sheet, and the sheet it is referring to, to validate the data types. Here is my function:

=SUMIFS({NCP Ext Cost ARCHIVE}, {NCP Resp Whse ARCHIVE}, [Falls City]#, {NCP QA Comp ARCHIVE}, YEAR(@cell) = YEAR([Week Start Date]@row), {NCP QA Comp ARCHIVE}, WEEKNUMBER(@cell) = WEEKNUMBER([Week Start Date]@row))

The goal of the function is to add total extended costs with three different criteria. The first two compare if the week number and year from the referenced sheet is equal to the week number and year in the row. The third criteria is if the warehouse is equal to [Falls City]# ("065 / FC").

I have made sure to set the appropriate column data types to date, and text/number.

Can anyone lend a hand? Thank you!


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