Smartsheet is adding a leading apostrophe when writing numeric data.


I am using Python to copy excel data to the Smartsheet. I have an excel column that can be either a number or text/string, and I want to ensure that numeric values are not automatically formatted with a leading apostrophe in Smartsheet.

I noticed that when using the value attribute instead of object_value, the leading apostrophe is not added to numeric data. However, I have specific date columns that require specific formats. 

Could someone brief on these attributes (value and object_value) and guide me on when to use each, especially concerning date formatting, number/text?

new_cell = ss_client.models.Cell({'column_id': {column id here},'value': {value here},'strict': False})

new_cell = ss_client.models.Cell({'column_id': {column id here},'object_value': {value here},'strict': False})

Thank You!