Formula for including the condition as part of a COUNTIFS formula of having the checkbox checked



I am working on a metric sheet connected to the data of a source sheet. In the source sheet, I have a column with the property of a checkbox. Is it possible in my metric sheet to reference the condition of whether the column in the source sheet is checked (or vice versa unchecked) as part of a COUNTIFS formula?

Please see in the picture how I am using the COUNTIFS formula for data in the source sheet, but I would like to include another COUNTIFS condition of whether the column (in my case named "Key results" is checked (or unchecked).

In case more context is needed, as the screenshot shows, I have organised my data in the source sheet with one column named "projects" containing as parent line the project titles and underneath the project titles as children line the respective key results needed to achieve the project. Next to the "project column", I have created a "key result" column with checkbox properties, and this already proved useful for the Row Report, in which I can filter on project only or key result only by selecting the condition key result = checker or unchecked.


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