Cross Refernce Formula involving Autonumber column

I am using a cross sheet refernce with an index/match formula so that certain columns in my Payment log sheet can update certain columns in my Master Tracker sheet and vice versa (they have to update eachother in certain columns).

This appeared to be working fine for when I want to update my Master Tracker sheet. However , when inside the Master tracker sheet under the "Assign to" and "Initiative" column do not update the payment log.

Since I am using a index/match bet. two sheets I have refernces to a "Tactic ID" autonumber column , I use this column as a "key" to connect both sheets. My team should beable to assign that row (via contact list) and type in the "Initative" name and that should appear on my payment log but it doesn't and I am wonder if this is due to the the autonumber column.

I created an autonumber column on both sheets (not linked to eachother in any way). There are some Initiavtives listed on the master tracker that should not be on the payment log and so when I created the autonumber column on the payment log I removed the rows that weren't needed. (See screen shot attached)

When I type in that information in a new row, the autonumber column goes from 250 to 253 , when it should be 251. I deleted the info and tried again and the autonumber set to 254, not sure the number keeps increasing.

does anyone have any idea why my the information isnt appearing in the payment log?

ps, the payment is able to update the master tracker without issue , using the same autonumber columns as refernces. (I created two different refernces for the autonumber column so I dont believe that is the issue)


  • SteyJ
    SteyJ ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Autonumber columns are pretty strange like that. What I usually do is first sort the autonumber column ascending, and then delete the autonumber column. save the page. refresh, readd the autonumber column. Make sure to start the autonumber column from 0, otherwise it will continue from where you left off. Be careful not to save and delete when the rows are not sorted in order


    Jacob Stey

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