Return a value from the second item in a cell.


I'm trying to return an email address of the second name in a cell. I have no issues returning the email of the first name.

Name 1 (YELLOW):

=LEFT([Names]@row, FIND(",", [Names]@row) - 1)

 - Returns the 1st name in the cell

Name 1 Email (BLUE):

=IFERROR(INDEX({Email}, MATCH(LEFT([Names]@row, FIND(",", [Names]@row) - 1), {Email name}, 0)), 0)

 - Returns the email adress of the 1st name in the cell

Name 2 (ORANGE):

=RIGHT([Names]@row, (LEN([Names]@row) - FIND(", ", [Names]@row)))

- Returns the 2nd name in the cell

Name 2 Email (RED):

=IFERROR(INDEX({Email}, MATCH(RIGHT([Names]@row, (LEN([Names]@row) - FIND(", ", [Names]@row))), {Email name}, 0)), 0)

 - 0, does not return the 2nd email of the 2nd name in the cell. 

Ultimately, I would like both email addresses to be returned into one column instead of two, but I will be happy with separate columns if that isn't possible.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Any help is appreciated!


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