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Question. Is there a formula for if a check box in a column is selected that it would return an answer of "yes" in another column and vice versa, if a check box is not selected it would return an answer of "no." I know I can do a drop down, but there are some other factors that require me to have a check box column.

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    Hi @Anthony DAmbrosio

    Checkboxes use a 1 for True (yes) and a 0 for False (no).

    Formula: =IF(Chkbx@row = 1, "Yes", "No")

    Change "Chkbx" to your column name. If your column name is more than one word it will need to be wrapped in brackets like this: [Column Name]

    You can make this a column formula so that it occurs on every row.

    Hope this helps!


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