Actual Percent Complete Column Formula Yielding #Blocked Error

I am new to doing formulas in Smartsheets and I cannot get the formula below to work. I am sure the syntax is wrong but I am not getting a syntax error. Instead, I am getting a "#Blocked" error. Can someone tell me how to fix the formula so it will yield valid results instead of the error? I do not want to average the children if the task name contains "Delay". Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

=IF(AND(NOT(CONTAINS("Delay", [Task Name]@row)),COUNT(CHILDREN()) > 0, AVG(CHILDREN()), IF(Status@row <> "Complete", 0, IF([Actual Start Date]@row <= TODAY(), MIN((TODAY() - [Actual Start Date]@row) / [Actual Duration]@row, 1), 0)))


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