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Hello all!

I have a Sheet that was created to organize and keep track of "To Do" items. I want to be able to summarize (a count of) the "Status" onto a dashboard. I have played around with a couple different formulas but I always get the error "Unparseable"

My range is the column titled "Status". That column has drop down options and I want to be able to provide a summary of the count of selected status types. The drop down options I want to summarize are "Not Started" "In Progress" and "Concern"

This is what I was trying and I think it's close but I am just not sure what I am not getting right. Or I may just be completely off lol I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

This was the formula I think was closest to being right. :)

=COUNTIF([Status]:[Status],(@cell, "Not Started", "In Progress", "Concern"))

Thanks in advance!


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