Countifs Only Resulting in 0


I'm creating a new summary sheet and counting cells that match certain words in a different macro sheet. In my summary, I have two columns:

1 - A total column (counting how many phase 1 or phase 2 items there are)

2 - A total complete column (counting how many items in "phase 1" are marked "complete")

I've double checked and tried a handful of different types of equations and always get 0 or error. There should be 1 total, which works correctly, but when I do "countifs" for the second column, it does not pull the 1 complete.

=COUNTIFS({Sanderson Macro Schedule (CN) Range 5}, {Sanderson Macro Schedule (CN) Range 6} = "Phase 1", {Sanderson Macro Schedule (CN) Range 5}, {Sanderson Macro Schedule (CN) Range 4} = "complete")


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