Create a low (0-182); medium (183-365) and high (365+) Age formula



  • Jeannette Leary

    Genevieve I have one more that is stumping me. I need to create a low (0-182); medium (183-365) and high (365+) Age formula and =IF(Age@row<182,"LOW"), IF(AND(Age@row>=MIN(183)),VALUE(<=MAX(365)), "MEDIUM", IF(Age@row>=MIN(366)"HIGH")))) is not working.

  • Paulo Ferrer
    Paulo Ferrer ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Jeannette!!

    The problem, it seems to me, is that you are using MIN and MAX, but they are not necessary, as you already put the limit numbers.


    =IF(Age@row<182,"LOW", IF(AND(Age@row>=183, Age@row<=365), "MEDIUM", IF(Age@row>=366, "HIGH")))

    and it also appears that a comma is missing before the word "HIGH".

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