Create Workspace with REQUEST BODY SCHEMA

I've been tried to create an entire workspace based on another existed workspace following the "REQUEST BODY SCHEMA" on the documentation, but not successful. For some reason we can't use the "Copy Workspace" method(inter-region data migration).

Could you advice if this method still feasible?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Chris_infospark

    If you're looking to base your new Workspace on another one, I agree that you should use Copy Workspace instead of Create Workspace. However you noted "inter-region data migration" - do you mean that you're looking to copy a Workspace from one instance of Smartsheet to another (e.g. US / commercial to EU or GOV)?

    If so, you won't be able to copy the Workspace or any of the items from one instance to another. You could create an entirely new Workspace, but if you're trying to reference Sheet IDs or Report IDs from the other instance you'll get an error, as you've found.

    The API can only do what the UI can do, and you cannot copy items like this across instances. In this case you'll need to export the data and re-import it into Smartsheet.

    Let me know if I've understood what you're looking to do!