Auto export created attachment to local folder

Is there a way to automatically save/export a created document to a local folder?

I have a .pdf that is generated through a workflow, but I need the pdf generated also saved in a local folder with a file name specific to the generated document (Equip#_Created Date)

For example, I have a folder for a specific piece of equipment already made locally. I would want this process to save any new documents for this equipment to go into this folder. Unique identifier would be a created date.

If I did this in Excel it would look something like this:

C:\Users\Desktop\Equip#_Created Date

I hope Im explaining this ok. I need this document local because not everyone can access Smartsheet and we need these generated docs for audits. So they need to be able to readily accessed from a folder on a desktop/laptop.

Thanks for the help.


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    Hi @dhallarcosa

    First, get the sheet and loop over rows to get attachments.



    # Sample 1: List all
    response = smartsheet_client.Attachments.list_row_attachments(
      2252168947361668,       # sheet_id
      4293147074291588,       # row_id

    Then, from the response, get the attachment_id and using it, get attachment_url.


    attachment = smartsheet_client.Attachments.get_attachment(

     9283173393803140,    # sheet_id

     4583173393803140)    # attachment_id

    The attachment_url is attachment.url, attachment_name is, and the time attachment is created is attachment.created.

    Then, using those, download the file with proper filename, attachment_name + str(attachment.created), for example.

    Here is a sample code, using Smartsheet Python SDK, run on Google Colab.