emergency - recent systemic failure of prior working API calls to create sheets from templates

sgolux ✭✭
edited 11/01/23 in API & Developers

Hello - sometime in the last 24 hours, there has been a change in behavior of the REST API w.r.t. creating sheets from templates in workspaces. Previously working API calls are now failing with a 404/1006 not found error, which seems spurious.

The same token/user is able to create sheets by copying other sheets, is able to list templates, is able to do anything else through the REST API. It is only this one single request that is failing.

I have uploaded a sample request and sample response with this post. The API token in the request is munged of course, but please rest assured that this exact request has worked for months, unchanged, exactly like this.

Any other inability to do this out there? Status board shows all green. But this is an emergency.

UPDATE - Additional Info - I have further isolated the use-case to where "include=data". This is the thing that used to work and now no longer does.