Modified (date/time) changes for no reason

I have a mechanism where when a row updates in an intake sheet it copies that row into a master sheet. I also have a column that denotes, if the new imported row has certain cells the same as a pre-existing row (i.e. a duplicate row) it will move the old row and only keep the new one. Doing this since Smartsheet automation can only move and copy but not replace, which is ultimately what I need.

Problem I'm having, is in the master sheet the Modified (date/time) column of the old rows will update when the new row is imported in. Which prevents my mechanism from working to move out the old rows, only keeping the most recent one. I can't figure out why. I checked the Activity Log and the only cell changes made to those old rows is the Modified column. So I can't figure out why it's doing that.


  • David Ruff
    David Ruff ✭✭✭

    Modified and Created date columns (auto-generated) are linked to the specific sheet you're using. As soon as automation moves/copies the row, the modified date will change.

    You could add a different date column and add an automation to fill in that date if specific fields change, instead of utilizing the auto-generated column type. My personal preference is to use Datamesh for applications like this one where data transfer between sheets is frequent and you need to prevent duplication. All you need is a Unique Identifier column (like an auto-generated Row ID) to be able to map the data between the sheets. Just make sure only one of the sheets is performing the auto-generated row ID.

  • Thanks! In my case my issue was columns that were already automate-moved into my master sheet were changing the "modified" date when other new automate-moved rows were added. I was able to solve it to your point about creating new columns with date/time extracted from "modified" so it would stay as text when it gets moved, thus wouldn't change.

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