Extract values from a dropdown list with multiple selections and place each value into its own cell



Hoping someone can help a newbie with trying to figure out how I can go about taking selections from a drop box selection with multiple values and placing them into their own cell, to allow for a VLOOKUP of each value to pull information from another sheet. the VLOOKUP and I can figure out once I get each value into its own cell.


I have selected 2 store numbers from the drop downlist, 1185 and 1188. I can see these values in the cell on my sheet. I want to extract those values and place them into another sheet, each on their row, to allow for a vlookup to reference another sheet and populate the required information for each store I selected. The formula to extract and place each value into their own cell will need to be dynamic as I may need to place 2 stores, 20 stores or 50 stores.

Can anyone help with this?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Copetope

    There currently isn't a way to extract individual selections from a multi-select cell and parse them into multiple, separate cells.

    Please feel free to add your vote and voice to this Product Idea when you have a minute: Add function to retrieve values from cell for a multi-select column

    That said, if you already have a reference sheet somewhere with your Store information on individual rows, you could use a JOIN(COLLECT formula to return data from that second sheet into your current sheet with the multi-select.

    =JOIN(COLLECT({Column to Return}, {Single Select Column}, HAS(Multi@row, @cell)), ", ")



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