Finding partial matches across columns


I have two rather large columns where the second column holds partial information from the first column and I need to match them. I have tried "contains" "Has" and index match index collect and while some of the options find a result the do not find the correct result. see sample of the column info


  • Nick Korna
    Nick Korna ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    What formula are you currently using and can you post some screenshots of the relevant column headers on the data sheet?

  • mifala.chris

    =IF([Shakedown List]@row = "", "", IF(HAS([Exto List]:[Exto List], [concatinating row]@row), INDEX([Exto List]:[Exto List], MATCH([concatinating row]@row, [Exto List]:[Exto List])), "Miss")), always gives me an error

    =RIGHT([Shakedown List]@row, 6)

    =IF([Shakedown List]@row = "", "", IF(CONTAINS([concatinating row]@row, [Exto List]:[Exto List]), INDEX([Exto List]:[Exto List], MATCH([trying stuff - right 4]@row, [Exto List]:[Exto List])), "Lost")) Gives me the rows that have matches but not the correct cell returned.

    =IF([con 1]@row = "", "", [con 1]@row + [trying stuff - right 4]@row + [Con 2]@row)

  • mifala.chris

    Actually Nick I was wrong on the Right 6 formula it also gives all errors, I did have one that was halfway there but I have changed if and had a timed shut down so lost my temp file of that formula.

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