Download PDF from a row and get it with a watermark


Good afternoon everyone,

I am currently working on developing a Smartsheet for document management for a client. The client requests that when downloading, sending, or previewing the attached documents in PDF format on each row of this Smartsheet, a watermark or text at the bottom of the page is added stating "Authorized copy valid for 10 days from (and the date of download)". The difficulty in developing something that makes this possible lies in the fact that the client needs this to be done when downloading or viewing the attachment directly from the row.

I have already offered the use of an external program to download and place the watermark that interacts with the API, and in fact, I developed it and it works, but this does not restrict any user from downloading that attachment from the row and therefore without the watermark.

Has anyone worked on a similar case? Can you think of any application or workaround that might solve this problem?

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day.


  • Heather Tri State

    For timed documents, we currently use Dropbox links that we make available for a certain amount of time. Should the watermark need to be customized, there are templates available in Dropbox that can be timestamped. Hope this helps.