Formula Syntax incorrect for converting to column formula

Amanda MedinaIW
edited 12/06/23 in Formulas and Functions


I have this formula to return the number of items that have not been ordered. The formula works perfectly so I want to make it a column formula but get the below error.

=COUNTM(PPE10) + COUNTM(Tooling@row) + COUNTM(Consumables@row) + COUNTM([QEW LOTO]@row) + COUNTM([Rigging/Basket Access]@row) + COUNTM(Fillers@row) + COUNTM([Raw Fiberglass]@row) + COUNTM([Core Material]@row) + COUNTM(Resin@row) + COUNTM([Adhesives/Primers]@row) + COUNTM([Vacuum Bagging Material]@row) - COUNTM([PPE Ordered]10) - COUNTM([Tooling Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([Consumables Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([QEW LOTO Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([Rigging/Basket Access Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([Fillers Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([Raw Fiberglass Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([Core Material Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([Resin Ordered]@row) - COUNTM([Adhesives/Primers Odered]@row) - COUNTM([Vacuum Bagging Material Ordered]@row)

"The column formula syntax isn't quite right"

Any thoughts? Much appreciated!

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