Progress Bar Not Responding to Parseable Formula

I've searched high and low but cannot find the answer: my formula for the Progress Bar is NOT coming back "Unparseable", yet nothing is happening in the column. Here is the formula I have for my Completion Progress column, which is successfully tied to my %Complete column (which has the dropdown option 1.00 that converts to 100% in the cell when selected):

=IF([%Complete]@row = "100%", "Full")

I haven't input into the formula the remaining 0 for Empty, .25 for Quarter, .50 for Half, or .75 for Three Quarter, yet, because I wanted to get this figured out.

So when I enter 1.00 (100% inside the cell) into the %Complete column, nothing happens in the Completion Progress column. Can someone please help me? I've spent days trying to figure out these formulas for automation and it's proving counterproductive of my time. Thanks so much!

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