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I looking for a formula that do the following:

If column A displays the first 6 numbers (this has 8 possibilities), and column E is of $50 or < value, display a given name, if column E is of $50.01 or display a given name. Thanks in advance.


  • Eric Law
    Eric Law ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @BT Brown I don't really understand your criterion, can you be more specific? What numbers? What name? Do you only care if Column E is exactly $50.01 and not more than $50? What happens if that number is exactly $50? Where are you displaying this?

  • BT Brown

    Thanks Eric,

    I will try to be more detailed:

    I would like Column E to only display certain criteria in a drop list when certain criteria are met.

    Column A

    if column contains any of these numbers 433062, 454830, 425426

    Column E

    If column E contains a value of $50.00 and/or More

    Column Y

    will only display 123.456 in the drop down

    There will be other criteria, I just looking for a way to get this formula started. I believe the formula will in the Y Column, but not sure how to begin this.

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