Automatize the creation of new project sheet and synch them to the project master

Hello everybody,

as many other users, I organised my project in a master file, containing one row for each project, and several sheets for each single project, where the first row is a replica of the corresponding master file row, and the rest is dedicated to hierarchically organised tasks.

I have a business account, and I am struggling to figure out how to realise the following

  1. From a specific row of the master file, trigger the creation of a new sheet containing the row of the master file as its first row
  2. Export to the newly created file a predefined selection of the master file columns
  3. Make the newly created file structured as a template, which can be different according to the project type
  4. Synchronise bidirectionally the row of the master file with the first row of the single project file, such that each change on either ones is updated on the other one.

I am looking forward to solutions to each of these points, through the opportunity available to a business account, and understand if extending the account or accessing additional API would help.

Looking forward,