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I have a multi-tier SCC solution and I want to update a dropdown column in projects intake sheet with only the names of programs that have already been provisioned. Here is my report:

Looks, great in Bridge when I use the Smartsheet: Get Report element, but the whole thing falls apart in the Extract Field From Array element.

Here is my Extract Field From Array configuration.

I can't figure out what wrong. I've tried every possible combination of fields and no success.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Paul.Koetke

    What do you see when you expand each Object in the Rows array?

    I see that your key has cells.Program Name.value, however in my Rows array from a Report, it lists a column ID instead of a typed out name.

    This is the key path I used in my extract module:

    It's the same number that appears as the virtualColumnId under that object. Let me know if adjusting your key works for you!