Pre & Post Reviews for Loan Quality Control

I'm creating spreadsheets in Smartsheet for our credit quality control pre reviews and post reviews we complete for our Lending Department. Is there currently any template sets that anyone would be willing to share so I could figure out how to structure my flows better? we have about 40 lenders bankwide that we review credits for so it's a large amount of data.

Currently my tracking for the pre review moves over to a post review spreadsheet once certain criteria is met with an automated workflow but i'm struggling to get my summarized data into a dashboard so i can easily share it with the Board of Directors.

if anyone is currently using this software for Loan Quality Control i'd love to hear from you on what works best and what hasn't worked so we can best determine how to utilize smartsheet in the best way for what we need.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @BVeurink

    I don't currently use Smartsheet for Loan Quality Control, however I'm sure we can help you get summarized data from your sheets into a Dashboard!

    I tend to use a new grid titled "Metric Sheet" to house formulas that generate summary data to display, either in a Chart or Metric widget. Some common cross-sheet formulas for summaries are COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, or AVERAGEIF.

    If you'd like formula help, it would be useful to know the type of summary you're looking for, along with the column titles and type of columns in your source sheet.