PowerAutomate smartsheet connector, how do you format an objectValue for an insert row?

edited 12/15/23 in API & Developers

I'm trying to insert a row into a sheet using the SmartSheets insert row connector that is available. The row contains 2 multipicklist columns.

I've tried:

{ "objectType": "MULTI_PICKLIST","values":[{"objectType":"PICKLIST", "value":"Logistics"}]}

"objectValue": { "objectType": "MULTI_PICKLIST","values":["Logistics"]}

 { "objectType": "MULTI_PICKLIST","values":["Logistics"]}

{ "objectValue": { "values":["Logistics"]}}

{ "objectValue": {"objectType":"MULTI_PICKLIST", "values":[{"value":"Logistics"}]}}

But, none of these formats have worked. It seems like I find a different answer for how it should look every page I go to.

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.