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Hi there, I know this has been mentioned many times but I was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to update all formulas to reference new sheets. We had everything originally setup per year on each cell that references other worksheets. For instance "=COUNTIFS({2023 Incident Investigations Range 4}, "1", {2023 Incident Investigations Range 2}, [5]1, {2023 Incident Investigations Range 3}, $[Primary Column]2)", I would like to update all of these to reference 2024 sheets now. I have full Admin console access to everything as well, not too sure if that helps. Obviously if find and replace worked for formulas I could do a quick update to everything but that doesn't seem to work. I see references that is if you have control panel access you might be able to do something. I am not super familiar with the program, just lending a hand to update things for next year. Thank you!!

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