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I'm looking for a way to error check my sheet to find instances of missing formulas. EG someone overwrites the formula(s), and then adds a row, which now is missing the formula(s). Or by adding a blank row (EG Parent) before adding new rows of data. (smartsheet will copy the formulas down to new rows if the previous two rows have the formulas.)

I tried using filters, but apparently they don't look within formulas. It does work if the formula always results in a character of some sort, (i can filter by blanks) but not if the result is blank (EG VLookup on a blank cell). A filter would be ideal.

I also could not find help on using a formula. In a formula, I was hoping for something like =countif(contains "=",cell@row) or something where it counts the cells that have a formula, whether the formula result is blank or a value.

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