What is responsible for these seemingly uncaused cell changes?

I have a smartsheet mystery on my hands. A few people have looked at it and are now just as confused as I am, so maybe someone here has at least seen this before.

One of our cells, a very important cell on several provisioned projects, has been changing despite the cells that it is based on remaining static. Allow me to explain:

The cell "Total Revenue Earned" has the following formula:

"=SUM([Transaction Log Items Invoiced this Period]@row, [Trans Log Items Invoiced To Date]@row, [Carpenter Price to Date]@row, [Director Price to Date]@row, [Lead Designer Price to Date]@row, [Project Design Price to Date]@row, [Construction Planning Price to Date]@row)"

It's just a sum of 7 cells on a summary row. Straight forward enough. The cell history for this is showing multiple changes from the recent past. see the image below:

The confusing part is that all of the 7 cells that create that number have no history of any changes that correlate to the changes in Total Revenue Earned. As far as I am aware, this should not be possible. See the image below [also attached if the image quality isn't clear enough to make out]:

These are the only 7 cells that have ever been a part of this formula. Only the first two component cells are linked in from another sheet, the rest are entered/calculated here. This has happened repeatedly across multiple, but not all, provisioned projects of this type. This has been completely inexplicable and as I'm sure you can infer from the name of the afflicted cell, this is a very important number that has a considerable impact whenever it changes.

To start with, does anyone have any idea what could even be causing this? It has to be something with the cross-sheet references, right? I suppose as a bonus, does anyone have any idea how to stop it?


-- Nik F


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