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Hi there, I'm a new user to Smartsheets and trying to replicate a function I created in Excel a while back. The end-goal is to make a dynamic budget sheet, where I fill in some data in the first few columns which will make the predetermined amount appear in certain cells of certain months. Let's say I have a quarterly expense of 100,00 for a year, I'd fill in "100,00" in the [Amount] Column, "Jan-24" in the [Start Date] column, "4" in the [Repetition] column and "2" in the [Interval] column. This would return the number 100,00 in the named month columns Jan-24, Apr-24, Jul-24, Oct-24 and Jan-25.

In excel the formula would be as follows:

=IF(AND(F$1>=$C4; F$1<=EDATE($C4; ($D4-1)*($E4+1))); IF(MOD(YEAR(F$1)*12+MONTH(F$1)-(YEAR($C4)*12+MONTH($C4)); $E4+1)=0; $B4; 0); 0)

I've already had MS co-pilot have a go at this but without results. Does anyone know if this type of cell referencing is at all possible in Smartsheet?


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