New Project Plan...3 questions

Hello smart people :=D - I'm back and doing something new! I am creating a project plan from a template and trying to do a couple of things but having some challenges.

  1. I want to insert Actual Start/End dates and have those dates drive the red flags. How could I do that and what are the risks?
  2. Why is my % complete not calculating when child fields are updated, some are working and some are not. Validated that they collapse correctly so believe they are related correctly.
  3. My duration is calculating day one in total days and I do not want it to however I have not found a way to update the field, is there a way that I do not know of? I want the first day to be counted as ZERO.

I am happy to be working with you all again and look forward to seeing your challenges and learning from you all! Have a wonderful day!


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