Checking a contact field for a specific contact

We have a form that can be submitted by users for system change requests (CR's). When submitting the CR's the user can specify another user to be the primary contact.

Due to a requirement to use Dynamic View were by default we want users to be able to see any CR's where they are outstanding and they are the primary contact, we need users to always complete the primary contact, even if they are the person raising the CR.

Off the back of a CR being raised, we send out a notification via an automation process, to the user who raised it. Then we send out an additional email to the primary contact. This means that if a user raises a CR where they are the primary contact, they get two notifications.

I have tried to use the following formula to establish if the Created By field can be found in the primary contact, but this is not working and is always showing a count of 0, does anyone have any ideas on what I could do?

=COUNTIFS([Primary Contact Name]@row, HAS([Created By]@row, [Primary Contact Name]@row))




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