Conditional logic to display form field ONLY on Fridays


We capture a daily report; on certain days of the week, we capture different information.

Is it possible to apply conditional logic on dayofweek to display field on the form?



  • Lucas Rayala
    Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @JLP -- the only way I can see doing this, short of actually having the user select a pulldown for "What day of the week is it?" and applying conditional logic to the answer "Friday", is to generate the form via a URL query string link. If you can get your users to access the form via a link, then you can use formulas on the sheet to customize the information on the form. Using an on-sheet formula, you can determine what day of the week it is, then input that information into your URL query string to autopopulate the day of the week into the form. That can then be used to trigger standard conditional logic.

    Here's a link to using URL query strings:

    Use a URL query string to prefill default values on a form | Smartsheet Learning Center

  • JLP
    JLP ✭✭

    Hi Lucas ! Great suggestion - thank you - I have not used this functionality before, but there are other cases where it would be so helpful to pre-populated data into the form.

    All of our users access via a link on their smartphones - I presume this approach would work then?

    Thank you!


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